Amphibian Brochure - (Amphibians of the Quakertown Swamp)
A Self-Guided Tour of Quakertown Swamp
– (Quakertown Swamp Tour)
Land Conservation Strategies: A Guide for Landowners – (Land Conservation Strategies)
Musconetcong Wetland Wonders Poster - (Musconetcong River)
Opportunity Knocks: Open Space as a Community Investment by Michael Frank - (Opportunity Knocks)
Quakertown Swamp and the Great Blue Heron - (Heron Walk)
Regional Open Space Priorities Report - (ROSPR)

Plans & Studies

Middle Delaware Conservation Plan – (Middle Delaware)
The Musconetcong River National Wild and Scenic Rivers Study– (Musconetcong River Study)


Heritage Conservancy Open Space – (Heritage Conservancy Open Space)
Lasting Landscapes®: Initiative Overview - (Lasting Landscapes® Overview)
Watershed Project Area for HOAs - (Schulykill HOA)