Amphibians Need Your Help

December 18th, 2012

Help us continue our efforts in the Quakertown Swamp.

Wetlands play a vital role in our environment and provide significant benefits. The Quakertown Swamp, located southeast of Quakertown in Bucks County, is a unique wetland that provides critical habitat for beaver, fox, over 91 species of birds, and numerous species of amphibians. Most amphibians require both land and water to survive and reproduce. Amphibians are born in water and eventually undergo metamorphosis, changing into an adult form. Many species leave the water to live out their adult lives in a terrestrial environment, but they must return to water to breed and lay eggs.

In the Quakertown Swamp, frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians indigenous to the area must cross a busy road in order to get to vernal pools to breed, and the journey can be quite dangerous. Passersby usually don’t notice them on the road, and few cars slow down to allow them to cross safely. The impact on local amphibian populations has been drastic. During peak migration, drivers unwittingly kill hundreds every night. 

Amphibians are a vital part of a swamp’s functioning ecosystem because they are excellent bio-indicators. They have permeable skin that can easily absorb toxic chemicals from both air and water, making them very sensitive to any environmental changes, such as changes in air and water quality. A drop in population could be an indication of the degradation of the health of the surrounding environment. 

To help move these creatures out of harm’s way, our staff united with concerned residents and together formed the Quakertown Swamp Amphibian Rescue Partnership. In late February 2012, this dedicated team rescued almost 1,000 amphibians. We also used this opportunity to verify the type and number of species, and compiled a scientific report to help determine future conservation actions for crossing locations. In tandem with the rescue, environmental programs were provided to the surrounding community.

Your extra gift now to Heritage Conservancy’s 2012 Annual Fund will help us continue our efforts to preserve this critical wetland for its environmental benefits to people and the wondrous animals that call it home.  

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