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For more than 55 years, we have been working to provide a better quality of life for everyone in our community. To date, we have facilitated in the preservation of over 12,000 acres of farmland, forest, watersheds, natural habitats and open space in this region. This land will remain intact for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations as long as our organization exists to uphold the conservation easements. As a dual-mission organization, we have also worked to protect our historic structures. Our organization has designated over 600 structures on the Register of Historic Places and maintains this database to protect the architectural integrity and historic significance of the properties. We strive to connect people to the land that our community is so fortunate to have access to. We hold over 30 educational outreach and community engagement events per year, and since it is important to develop a passion for our environment at an early age, we focus on shaping the younger generation of environmental stewards.


We can’t do all of this alone though. We rely greatly on the support of our wonderful volunteers, advocates, members, and donors. Wouldn’t you love to join our support team and know that you have a special part in protecting this unique countryside for the future? Our beautiful natural spaces and historic places need your help, and now is the time to make a difference.


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