Lasting Landscapes®

Heritage Conservancy’s Lasting Landscapes® initiative unites open space protection and historic preservation comprehensively at the “landscape level.” We identify and map significant landscapes containing both natural and historic resources, and then develop and implement protection techniques to sustain the resources’ integrity.

Lasting Landscapes® provides a single preservation strategy that combines complementary natural and historic resources, establishes large and contiguous preserved areas, achieves preservation objectives within an area’s cultural heritage and regional context, and involves local communities.

The seven areas below are currently Heritage Conservancy Lasting Landscape® regions.

  • The Route 113 Corridor spans more than 30 miles and traversing the counties of Bucks and Montgomery in Pennsylvania

    Route 113 Heritage Corridor
  • Quakertown Swamp is a 518-acre wetland which is recognized as significant by the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory because it is a haven for a variety of wildlife species.

    Quakertown Swamp
  • The 8000-acre Pidcock Creek Watershed features steep wooded hillsides, rolling agricultural fields punctuated with historic houses and barns, and clear, beautiful streams.

    Pidcock Creek Watershed
  • The Musconetcong River is part of a major bird migratory route in North America, an important wildlife corridor, and part of one of early America’s most important inter-modal transportation networks.

    Musconetcong River Valley
  • The Forks of the Neshaminy is so called because of the narrow, winding stream valleys formed by the juncture of the Neshaminy and Little Neshaminy Creeks.

    Forks of the Neshaminy
  • The Watershed’s forested ridges, deep spring-fed ravines and fertile valley feature prime farmland and the only viable coldwater fishery in Bucks County.

    Cooks Creek Watershed
  • The Bushkill Creek Watershed encompasses 80 square miles of Northampton County, PA, stretching from Blue Mountain to the Delaware River in Easton, PA.

    Bushkill Creek Watershed

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