Aurora Springs Farm Preservation


  • Durham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


  • Open Space Preservation
  • Agricultural Land Preservation

Aurora Springs Farm is approximately 125 acres of rolling farm fields, forested steep slopes, and riparian corridor along Cooks Creek. The property is adjacent to several large farms that were previously preserved, so placing a conservation easement on Aurora Springs Farm resulted in permanent protection of over 700 contiguous acres.

Aurora Springs Farm contains a portion of Cooks Creek, which has been designated an Exceptional Value stream by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and includes the only coldwater fishery in Bucks County. The Cooks Creek Watershed is identified as a priority 1 site in the Bucks County Natural Areas Inventory. The farm is also located within the buffer area for the Durham Mine Bat Hibernaculum, Pennsylvania’s second largest bat hibernaculum, which has also been acquired and preserved by Heritage Conservancy.

The farm’s owners, the Torpie family, had tried unsuccessfully for years to preserve their property as agricultural land but were unable to do so because much of the land is wooded. Heritage Conservancy helped the family devise a conservation plan that would protect the natural areas along Cooks Creek and forested steep slopes, while allowing farming to continue on the primary agricultural soils. We worked with several partners, including the Bucks County Natural Areas program and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, to purchase a conservation easement that permanently protects 118 of the farm’s 125 acres.

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