Community Revitalization in “Older Communities”


  • Doylestown, Dublin, Morrisville, New Hope, Newtown, Perkasie and Yardley Boroughs, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Heritage Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the green places in the more rural areas of our region, but also to preserving and improving the quality of life and the quality of place in our older, more developed communities.

Important among Pennsylvania’s physical assets are cities, boroughs and villages, whose buildings, parks, and urban patterns reflect the history of the Commonwealth and of the various ethnic groups who built these communities and the larger state and nation. Many of these communities house world-class educational institutions, hospitals, athletic facilities, businesses and centers for culture and the arts. Pennsylvania’s “older communities” are an important part of our heritage—and our future.

In 2005, Heritage Conservancy completed a study examining revitalization efforts in seven Bucks County boroughs. Municipal officials were interviewed for their opinions in three areas of inquiry:

What conditions in their community warrant revitalization, and what efforts were taken to affect change?

Has the borough used its comprehensive plan to address revitalization needs?

Has the borough used multi-municipal comprehensive planning or other aspects of inter-municipal cooperation to facilitate revitalization?

The interview responses were diverse, fascinating and instructive. Heritage Conservancy compiled the responses into a report [1.2MB PDF] that was distributed to all the participating municipalities and that is available to the public.

This project was funded by a special grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development with the special assistance of Pennsylvania state Senator Joe Conti.

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