Cuttalossa Valley Historic District Nomination


  • Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Heritage Conservancy will pursue historic district designation for the Cuttaloosa Valley. This includes completing a nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. This listing not only honors an area but offers the historic district protection from a number of state and federally licensed, authorized and funded projects and offers tax credits for income-producing properties in need of substantial rehabilitation—all with no restrictions to the property owners’ rights.

At the same time, Heritage Conservancy will complete the necessary documentation to designate Cuttalossa as a state certified historic district. This is a zoning designation that would require anyone contemplating making exterior changes that are visible from a public thoroughfare to obtain a certificate of appropriateness from the township. Inasmuch as Solebury already has a historic district ordinance to cover other villages, the township would most likely amend its historic district ordiance to include Cuttalossa. Since most of the other districts are more tightly compacted villages it may make more sense to enact a separate ordinance. This would make it easier to have a different set of criteria for this area than already exists in the other villages.

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