Kohler Park Streambank Restoration


  • Horsham Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


The Kohler Park riparian buffer streambank restoration project focused on a 250-foot segment of Park Creek, a headwaters tributary of the Little Neshaminy Creek. Park Creek drains approximately 12 square miles primarily in Montgomery County, a highly developed surburban area.

Horsham Township partnered with Heritage Conservancy to develop, design and implement best management practices (BMP) for streambank restoration to decrease non-point source (NPS) pollution. Heritage Conservancy provided educational materials and field training for volunteers and supervised the 10-day installation. Heritage Conservancy provided the township’s staff and volunteer boards with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain the streambank restoration and to educate the general public about NPS pollution and watershed protection. We developed presentations and hands-on training geared toward the maintenance of the restoration site and designed an educational sign explaining the steps of the restoration. An assessment and photo- documentation-field tour was conducted of the Park Creek watershed in preparation for a public workshop and a BMP brochure was 7developed to educate the public about ways to protect the watershed.

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