Moffat Estate Feasibility Study


  • Covington Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania


Adaptive Re-Use and Feasiblility Studies

The purpose of this study was to find the best adaptive re-use of the Moffat Estate, a magnificent 42-acre property that was given to Covington Township, Lackawanna County, in 2002 at the bequest of the late Mr. Robert Y. Moffat. Covington Township wished to make the building and grounds available to its residents and neighbors.

Mr. Moffat had clearly defined and stated his vision for future uses of his property, which included that it be open to the public for such purposes as fishing, hiking, and “special cultural events.” Covington Township needed to develop a long-term strategy for the estate that honored Mr. Moffat’s wishes and benefited the local community without placing an undue financial burden on the township.

Heritage Conservancy inventoried the property’s natural and structural resources, convened public meetings, conducted comparative analyses of the property in relation to other adaptive re-use projects, and created a complete set of recommendations for adaptive re-use implementation. The feasibility study, submitted to the township in January 2006, provides a number of alternative strategies the township can pursue based on available funds and manpower. You can read the study [2.1MB PDF].

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