Non-point Education for Municipal Officials


  • Neshaminy Creek Watershed, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania


Heritage Conservancy has brought the NEMO program to four communities located within the Neshaminy Creek watershed in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The NEMO program was developed by the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension in 1990. The program’s main goal is to educate local land-use decision makers about the ways their plans and choices affect the water quality and quality of life in their community. NEMO then provides the audience with alternative solutions to stormwater management and planning that help to mitigate non-point source pollution.

The conservancy tailored the general NEMO materials to better fit Pennsylvania’s land use regulations and the problems of urbanization that characterize the Neshaminy Creek watershed. Using local examples of innovative resource protection plans, ordinances and Best Management Practices, the NEMO program provides communities with strategies to meet the new NPDES Phase II stormwater regulations.

Township officials from New Britain, Northampton, Middletown and Upper Southampton Township viewed the core NEMO presentation and received a review of their resource protection ordinances. In addition, each community received a CD of resource materials to aid in the public education efforts required by the new stormwater regulations. Funded by: This project was funded by the Costal Zone Management Program of the PA DEP with funds provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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