Pine Run Reservoir Meadow Restoration Project


  • Doylestown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


The Pine Run Reservoir in Doylestown Township includes a 39-acre flood-control lake and approximately 74 acres of adjoining lands owned and maintained by the Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation (BCP). The Reservoir is listed as a Priority Four site in the Natural Areas Inventory of Bucks County and as a birding hotspot in the publication Birds of Bucks County.

Heritage Conservancy, in partnership with the North Branch Watershed Association, Bucks County Conservation District and Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation, initiated the Meadow Restoration pilot project in 2004 with a grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. The project has included planting a 10-acre demonstration site with native warm season grasses to replace the non-native cold season grass fields and to educate the public about the benefits of native vegetation and reduced mowing schedules for water quality and wildlife habitat. Tall meadow grasses will discourage use of the area by resident Canada Geese and act as an effective filter of stormwater run-off.pinerun-2

Outreach included a presentation to the Bucks Count Birders and a blue-bird box installation event for the public. Volunteers are monitoring use of the area by breeding birds and will help identify rare and unusual bird species that utilize the restoration site.

The Partners in Flight Northeast Working Group identified grassland-nesting birds as a priority for conservation in the Northeast. This need for conservation is reiterated in the report Wildlife Habitat in Pennsylvania (2002) which reports an 80% decrease in grassland-nesting bird populations such as vesper sparrow, bobolink and eastern meadowlark since the 1960s. The project is intended to provide critical nesting habitat for these declining species and to enhance the regional habitat available for species utilizing the Peace Valley Nature Center (a National Audubon Important Bird Area), located less than two miles away.

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