Plan to Preserve Upper Makefield Township’s Farmland and Open Space


  • Upper Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


  • Agricultural Land Preservation
  • Geospatial Information Management
  • Information Management
  • Open Space Planning

Upper Makefield Township is a largely rural municipality located in central Bucks County, within 20 miles of the City of Philadelphia. The township includes many historic and scenic areas of local and state interest as well as significant farmland resources. Open space goals include the protection of farmland, watersheds, greenway corridors, biological diversity, viewsheds, and recreational open space.

Heritage Conservancy assisted the township in the identification of protected lands, an inventory of potentially vulnerable lands, identification of potential open space linkages, evaluation of unprotected resources, and recommendations for land acquisition priorities and methods. With a total of seven properties, the total number of acres protected has reached 504. In addition, Heritage Conservancy assisted in the implementation of the open space plan by negotiating land acquisitions, donations, and conservation easements on behalf of the township. Heritage Conservancy also assisted the township in publicizing and gaining approval for a $15 Million open space bond issue.

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