Woolman Lake Restoration


  • Mt. Holly Township, Burlington County, New Jersey


Funded by a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) 319 (H) Grant, the Woolman Lake Restoration was designed to reduce the non-point source pollution and sediment loads within the Rancocas watershed. The goal was to improve water quality by stabilizing the eroding embankment of the lake. By creating a vegetative riparian buffer area, the restoration effort increases habitat and biodiversity while also minimizing maintenance and management costs.

To understand the current conditions and health of Woolman Lake, Heritage Conservancy and the project partners first conducted an inventory and assessment to identify sources of pollutants, stormwater outfalls and additional baseline information. With an understanding of the existing conditions, restoration of the natural habitat through implementation of various best management practices (BMPs) began.

Heritage Conservancy staff developed a design using biotechnical BMPs, including the use of coconut fiber rolls, biodegradable erosion control mats and native plant species to restore the vegetative riparian buffer along the lake shoreline. The shoreline restoration was completed with significant volunteer participation. Heritage Conservancy also conducted further education and outreach to residents and local officials. This project serves as a “model” offering a “natural” approach to employing BMPs when addressing non-point source pollution problems.

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