Master Site Planning


Master site planning is a traditional approach to evaluating alternatives at a single site. In the conservation arena, master site planning typically focuses on a park or protected area and identifies, through outreach events and alternatives analysis, the strategic direction as well as changes to the physical infrastructure at the site.


The planning process used by the Conservancy is relatively straightforward and based on industry-accepted standards for master planning. Elements of public outreach and market analysis are combined with facilities and infrastructure assessments. These are combined with futures analysis and alternatives planning to reach recommendations for partners to adopt.

Project Highlights

Heritage Conservancy was asked to manage Styer Orchard, a working farm and orchard in Bucks County, in conjunction with the local township. The Conservancy subsequently developed a master plan for the site that outlined the various alternatives to the future use of the orchard. This master plan is now being implemented using the endowment bequeathed to the partners to improve and manage the site. Read more about the Conservancy’s work at Styer Orchard.

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