Open Space Planning


Heritage Conservancy maintains an active role in open space planning to address municipal and regional preservation of significant lands. Working to directly protect thousands of acres, including prime agricultural lands, woodlands and stream valleys, we assist individuals, local governments and other organizations to develop long-range strategies for permanent protection of these vital natural resources.


The Conservancy can both develop open space plans through a typical planning process as well as implement open space plans through resource protection projects. Using up-to-date data, partner and stakeholder input, and expert knowledge, the conservancy identifies and prioritizes open space preservation opportunities for the municipality. The planning process includes examining the opportunities, goals and strategies for conservation within the community, and we work hard to tailor the plan to the community’s needs and goals.

We facilitate land protection by engaging land owners and residents about important properties in the community. The resource protection services can also include submitting grant applications, facilitating the development of easements, and holding workshops and events for groups of landowners and community members.

Project Highlight

In 2005, the Conservancy was selected to assist Bryn Athyn Borough in updating their open space plan. With many open space plans completed in the region, many are in need of updating. With Bryn Athyn, the Conservancy shared the roles and responsibilities for updating the plan in order to both minimize costs and maximize effectiveness. The final product [3.3MB PDF] was hailed as a superlative example of open space planning throughout the county. Read more about the project, and view the plan itself. [3.3MB PDF].

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