River Conservation Planning


Watershed protection has been recognized as an important function of permanently protected open space and farmland and continues to play a significant role in land protection decisions. As a partner in watershed conservation, the Conservancy recognizes the important role we play in assisting communities to identify and preserve key watershed resources and in increasing the understanding of the relationship between land stewardship and watershed function. River conservation plans (RCPs) are an integral component of any approach to conservation at the watershed level.


We work to identify, protect, enhance and restore land and water resources critical to watershed function through assistance to watershed associations, municipalities, and local agencies. RCPs assemble various data on hydrology, soils, ecology, and social values for analysis and prioritization. The planning process is a collaborative one, drawing upon key stakeholders within the watershed to identify strategies for improving and preserving the watershed’s health.

Project Highlight

The Neshaminy creek drains parts of Bucks and Montgomery counties in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our river conservation plan has drawn in dozens of key stakeholders and reached scores of residents through surveys and outreach events, all to develop consolidated strategies for improving the health of the watershed. Read more about this project.

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