Watershed Restoration


Heritage Conservancy is dedicated to fully implementing the planning tools developed by municipalities, non-profits and others that focus on improving the quality of the region’s water resources. The Conservancy has been a leader in the development of planning tools such as river conservation plans, and yet also is experienced at restoration.

Watershed restoration services provided by the Conservancy include riparian assessments and restoration, the development of monitoring tools and technology, invasive species removal, and other similar work.


With a variety of experts on staff, the Conservancy employs the latest technology and restoration methods to tackle watershed issues. With expert GIS staff, watershed specialists, and volunteer coordinators, we work to build partnerships with and among local stakeholders who can carry on the monitoring and maintenance of restoration projects long after the project has been completed. Through habitat restoration, we work to remove invasive and exotic species that threaten native ecosystems and immediately replace them with native plants. Using the latest geospatial technology, we can complete highly precise analyses of watersheds to target restoration projects towards the most appropriate locations.

Project Highlight

Heritage Conservancy partnered with Horsham Township, Montgomery County, to restore the riparian buffers of Park Creek in Kohler Park. Working in collaboration with the township, the local school, and volunteers, we were able to restore a highly degraded and highly visible section of Park Creek. The area received heavy traffic from visitors walking, fishing, and enjoying the park. Our naturalization of the streambanks improved the water quality of the creek and created additional habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species. Read more about this project.

Other watershed restoration projects we have completed include:

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