As a fan of Heritage Conservancy, you probably know the history of our headquarters, Aldie Mansion, which was previously owned by William R. Mercer, Jr. and his wife, Martha.

You may not know about a part of the Mercer legacy that is languishing in our basement. William Mercer was an artist and a sculptor who was intrigued by the elasticity and durability of concrete. Willie, as he was known, designed and casted concrete artwork in the form of garden ornaments, benches, fountains, and the like. Much of the architectural features throughout Aldie Mansion were designed and created by him.
Willie’s work was recognized in his day by many early-20th century art magazines, including The Cement Age. His sculptures can currently be found in the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida.

When Aldie Mansion and the surrounding estate fell into disrepair during the 1980s, much of Willie’s concrete work and plaster molds disappeared. Some were stolen, but quite a bit of them were removed for safekeeping by neighbors who have returned the pieces to us over the 25 years that we’ve adaptively reused this historic mansion. You might have heard of the most recent piece that was returned to us.

Because of the lack of secure display cases, we haven’t been able to keep Willie’s artwork in the mansion where it belongs; instead, it is stored in a small closet in our basement–safe to be sure–but certainly not in the public eye where it should be.
One of our business members, Milford Enterprises, has proposed a design for display cases that can house most of the “lost” collection permanently in the Mercers’ formal dining room. The cases are of high quality, plus they lock and can protect their valuable contents. This is how the cases would look in the dining room:


We are asking for your support to help us raise the money to purchase these display cases. Milford Enterprise has generously agreed to provide these museum-quality cases at their cost, plus they will deliver and install them at no charge. We have TWO WEEKS to go, and we have $4,700 raised so far.  We need to reach the goal of $8,000.
Please become part of the legacy of Aldie Mansion by helping us to raise the money that will get Willie’s artwork out of the basement and on display where everyone can appreciate these beautiful historic artifacts.

Click the button at the top of the page to make your tax-deductible contribution. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

If you have questions about the Mercer Sculpture Permanent Display Cases Project, please contact Tammy Schane, Membership Coordinator, at 215-345-7020 ext. 107 or email her at


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